Negative Costa mailer sent to District 31

 Nicole Brazier

A new mailer was sent to homes in District 31, attacking Representative Doreen Costa just a week before the election… calling the Tea Party advocate a “cracked pot.”

“I think it infers I’m on drugs!… I just laughed, I mean, who does that? It was the most disgusting, despicable thing I’ve seen,” she said.

Fine print on the ad says it was authorized by Progress Rhode Island on Westminister St. in Providence, but there’s no group by that name at that address.

It also says it was paid for by the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union. We reached out to them, but haven’t heard back.

We reached out to Costa’s opponent, Julie Casimiro for her reaction. She says she had nothing to do with the ads.

This isn’t the first time Costa says she’s been targeted in her campaign. Less than two weeks ago, her tires were slashed.

And just a couple days ago, she says the “Re–elect Costa” magnets on the side of her car were cut up and left in her driveway.
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