NBA Negotiator: League And Union To Meet In Early June

NBA top negotiator says throttle down on CBA talks

      SECAUCUS, N.J. (AP) – The NBA's lead negotiator in contract
talks with the players has a sense the sides are understanding each
other and the “throttle is down” on reaching a new collective
bargaining agreement.
      NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver disclosed Tuesday that the
two sides have agreed to hold two days of extensive meetings in
early June in the city of the Western Conference champion.
      Speaking beside Commissioner David Stern before the draft
lottery, Silver said it would be “irrational” for the league and
union not to reach an agreement before the current deal expires at
the end of June.
      Silver said the sides met Friday in New York, where he spoke
with Gary Hall, the lead attorney at the players' association. Hall
died unexpectedly on Sunday at age 67.
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