Neighbor credited with alerting police to house of horrors speaks out

By: Samantha Lavien
Twitter: @samanthalavien

The woman credited with calling police and getting four kids out of the Blackstone home dubbed the house of horrors is speaking out.

She contacted police two weeks before the remains of three infants and multiple animals were found in the home.

The neighbor who didn’t want to be identified says she went to the St. Paul Street home after her son, whose friends with one of the kids who lived there, called her for help with crying children.

The mother of two says she was confused when she got the call saying she had no idea there were young kids in the house. She rushed, to help and found the youngest baby first.

“She was laying in the middle of the bed she was covered in feces. There was feces all over the wall and I was walking on dirty diapers,” said the neighbor.

The woman then saw the three year old rocking back and forth in a separate room. She says she immediately called police.

When they arrived she asked if she could pick up the baby.

“I couldn’t find anything to wipe her with so I took my shirt off and cleaned her,” said the neighbor.

31-year-old Erika Murray has told police she is the mother of all of the kids.

She is currently being held without bail on a slew of charges in relation to the case.

Police reports indicate that Murray never told anyone in her family including her two older kids that the younger children were hers. She says she wasn’t planning on having them and couldn’t afford them.

Before the four children were taken away, the mother who made the gruesome discovery confronted Murray.

“I said to her what are you doing what are you doing, just really upset right up next to her and she kind of laughed it off and shrugged her shoulders and said I don’t know,” said the neighbor.

The neighbor says she saw signs that something was not right with the family, but she never imagined it was this bad.

Murray’s attorney has said tests will likely show Murray and her longtime boyfriend as the parents of the three dead infants. 

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