Neighborhood grinch cutting Christmas decorations in Cumberland

CUMBERLAND, R.I. (WLNE): A grinch is trying to ruin the holiday fun by cutting decorations and it’s not the first time its happened to this family. 

Erin LaMountain takes pride in her annual Christmas displays outside of her home in Cumberland. She does it for her 6-year-old daughter.

“We always had a Christmas display at my parent’s house and that always meant something to me growing up,” LaMountain said. 

LaMountain decided to put up her Christmas lights early to spread some holiday joy given the year it’s been. 

“About a week before Thanksgiving I had a string going across and 4 separate pieces of it were cut,” LaMountain said.

Just a few days ago, she said a neighborhood grinch struck again, which is why she took down her decorations on her front yard.

“Someone came and cut the cable to an inflatable I had of Marshall from Paw Patrol,” LaMountain said. “It was my daughter’s favorite.”

LaMountain doesn’t believe animals are responsible because of the way the chords were cut. She said it’s disheartening when she was just trying to bring joy to her community and daughter.

“She got off the bus yesterday, all in tears asking what happened to our decorations and how come they weren’t there,” LaMountain said.

But, one good samaritan was not going to let this ruin the holidays for this 6-year-old.

“Someone had volunteered, on one of the local Cumberland sites,” LaMountain said. “He volunteered to come over and fix Marshall.”

Marshall has since been moved inside along with the rest of the decorations so it doesn’t happen again. But, the rescue pup is back up and ready to report for duty all thanks to that stranger.

“It was really heartwarming to hear the community reach out.”

Paul Pelletier, the stranger who taped the cable and fixed the inflatable decoration said he saw the post and it was an easy fix. 

“I had my kids in the car and I said we are going on a mission to rescue the pup from Paw Patrol,” Pelletier said.

Pelletier’s father also recently passed away and he said it’s something his father would have done.

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