Neighbors enraged following Swansea crash

Members of a Swansea neighborhood are desperate for something to be done after a car plowed into a home over the weekend narrowly averting tragedy.

Residents tell ABC 6 News that there have been numerous similar accidents on Main Street and that people in the area are literally scared for their lives.

The latest car wreck happened around 12-30 Saturday morning.

"We heard the loud screeching  that proceeded it and then all of the sudden we heard a series of bangs,” said Art Lage.

Lage says that sound has become all too familiar. He remembers at least 16 bad accidents in his years living on the street.

"We’re actually seriously considering moving that’s how much it bothers us,” said Lage.

Others are similarly afraid. Each neighbor we caught up with sharing their own horror stories.

"Within the past year my neighbor on the corner his house has been hit, this house has been hit, their stone wall has been hit, the stone wall behind me has been hit. Since I’ve been there has probably been four to five accidents in this area per year,” said Colin Durette.

Several people telling us that it has gotten so bad that they’ve had to change their daily routines.

"We don’t let our kids play in our front yard only in the backyard. My son actually goes to the junior high school and I won’t let him walk home on the road I go and pick him up,” said Heather Chace.

The speed limit is posted as 25 miles per hour but neighbors say that is not often followed.

Many telling us, they want to see speed bumps added to the road in an effort to slow drivers.

"I just think that something needs to be done before this is a sadder story,” said Bailey McGee.

Neighbors plan on going to town officials together in an effort to push for change.

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