Neighbors react after victim dies from stabbing in the neighborhood

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Neighbors of Dayne Kerzner, the man who is now facing murder charges, say the family kept to themselves, and they had never noticed any signs of domestic incidents prior.

Kerzner is facing charges after allegedly stabbing his father in the neck.

According to 3rd Division District Court, Kerzner has faced 11 separate charges, mostly involving domestic incidents.

Neighbors we spoke with were unaware of the charges, and say they never noticed any police presence at the house for years.

“Makes me a little on edge,” said Jason Furtado, a neighbor of Kerzner. “I never knew of that until you told me of the multiple altercations.

Neighbors say Kerzner lived with his father and father’s girlfriend on Whipple Avenue in North Providence.

“We’d just see him outside and waive,” said neighbor Tom Beaudoin. “I never really had a conversation with him.”

Kerzner arraignment was postponed Friday morning, due to a mental evaluation.

Community members remain shaken by the incident close to home.

Emerson Brown, who lives just three doors down, explained, “It was hard to come home after I knew what happened. At first I thought it was a shooting and then I kept checking the news to find out what really happened.”

Emerson concluded, “It’s just scary and awful.”

Kerzner is scheduled for a competency hearing next week.

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