New 6-10 Huntington Avenue Viaduct in Providence is now open to traffic

PROVIDENCE, RI (WLNE) – The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) on Monday shifted traffic onto the newly constructed portion of the 6-10 Interchange Huntington Avenue Viaduct.

RIDOT calls the new bridge the “poster child for RhodeWorks.”

“This is a milestone in the 6-10 Interchange reconstruction,” RIDOT Director Peter Alviti said. “When we stood under the 6-10 Interchange Huntington Viaduct to announce the kickoff for this project, all we had to do was look up to see how desperately this work needed to be done. And now, in two short years, we will have a new Huntington Viaduct.”

RIDOT says the benefit of this shift of traffic will provide the space for crews to demolish another section of the old bridge. It will also allow the completion of the new flyover bridge that will connect Rt. 10 Northbound to Rt. 6 Westbound.

The Huntington Avenue Viaduct is considered the most deteriorated bridge in the 6-10 Interchange. It is located at the section of Rt. 6 where split goes to Rt. 10. Temporary supports had been put under it to keep it safe and stable, RIDOT says.

At $410 million, the 6-10 Interchange rebuild is the state’s largest single construction project ever, according to RIDOT.

RIDOT says the project includes replacing nine bridges, seven of which are structurally deficient, and building two new ones.

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