New app provides guided historical walking tours in New Bedford

There are already several tours available, and the New Bedford Preservation Society is hoping to add to the collection.

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NEW BEDFORD, MASS. (WLNE) – The city of New Bedford and ​its buildings hold a huge amount of history, and the New Bedford Preservation Society wants to make it easy for locals and tourists alike to learn all about that history while taking a stroll around town.

Patricia Daughton is the Administrator for the New Bedford Preservation Society.  Daughton says, “It was once the richest city in America, because of the whaling industry.  As the whaling industry faded, it became the textile area.  Once again, it was a very wealthy area.  It’s ebbed and flowed throughout time.”

All that change over time impacted the architecture and makeup of the city.  The preservation society’s newest initiative, called New Bedford Pathways, makes guided tours around the city available right on your phone by downloading the free Pocketsights app.

Daughton says, “Each tour is sort of theme based on how the social, economic fabric of New Bedford developed.”

Once you’ve set it all up, you’ll have the option to take one of several guided tours, learning about the history and architecture, ​within various neighborhoods around the city, any time you want.

Daughton says, “The tours usually have about 15 to 20 stops.  They’re designed to take place in under an hour.”

There are already several tours available, and the preservation society hopes to add to the collection soon.

Daughton says, “We have a YouTube channel, and on the channel we have a film: Houses Built for and by Women.  We’d like to turn that into a walking tour.  We also would like to focus a little bit on the north end of New Bedford, on the history of the mills in New Bedford.  So, there’s lots more stories to tell, and we’re excited about it.”

Don’t want to leave the house?  You can also take a virtual tour on the app, right on your couch.  And yes, they do still offer traditional in-person guided walking tours in the summer.

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