New arrest, decision on surveillance video in Robert Kraft’s prostitution case

PALM BEACH COUNTY, F.L. (WLNE) — Another woman has been arrested in the prostitution bust involving patriots owner Robert Kraft. News of the arrest comes as a judge rules again the surveillance video, involving Kraft, can not be released to the public.

The judge’s ruling on the video is certainly a win for Kraft’s legal team, especially after rumors it was being shopped around to media outlets.

But this latest arrest comes at an interesting time and the ABC 6 News legal analyst says police had only one person in mind when they did it, Bob Kraft.

More than a month after the bombshell prostitution bust in Jupiter, Florida involving Robert Kraft, there’s been a new arrest. 59 year old Shen Mingbi was in front of a judge today. Police say she is the woman who Kraft paid to perform sexual acts.

“This was geared and focused on one person, Robert Kraft,” says ABC 6 News legal analyst Ken Schreiber says it likely took longer to arrest her because police were originally investigating if she was a victim of sex trafficking.

“If you read between the lines, it could be a reason for her ultimately to testify against Mr. Kraft, be a cooperating witness,” says Schreiber.

Police claim to have surveillance video of Mingbi and Kraft inside of the spa committing the alleged crime.

That video was the topic of a different hearing this afternoon. Kraft’s attorney testifying about letters sent back and force with lawyers representing a website that reported it was offered leaked surveillance video.

“That it would be problematic for them to be engaging in such conduct and to thank them for doing the honorable thing and not engaging further in terms of purchasing the video,” says Alex Spiro, one of Kraft’s defense attorneys.

The judge ruled the video will not be released to the public for now, citing Kraft’s right to a fair trial. But before this even gets to trial, Schreiber says the prosecutors will have to first prove the way they got the video was legal.

“The trial is down the road and they’re going to have to overcome some further obstacles,” says Schreiber.

One important distinction to make about the judge’s ruling today is if this does go to a jury trial, the video could possibly be released then.

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