New Bedford activist wants toy guns off city streets

A New Bedford activist is pushing to get toy and replica guns off of city streets.

Buddy Andrade says he wants to do that by having those toys included in the city’s gun buyback program.

"These replicas can have some very bad outcomes,” said Andrade.

Andrade says there have been several very close calls  throughout Massachusetts.

He points to an incident in Boston last week where young boys with a replica BB gun were chased through a park by police. It was only after the boys dropped the gun that police realized is was fake.

He says these "near" tragedies have motivated him to push for the change to the buyback program. Andrade says that change would also include education for parents and kids.

"We don't want to have a youngster die because he didn't know that that gun could get him killed if he confronted a police officer,” said Andrade.

The idea has support from the police department and several city officials including city council president Brian K. Gomes.

"These guns do not belong on the streets. Replicas and the real deal are dangerous to all. They are not only dangerous to the general public they are dangerous to the person that is using them,” said Gomes.

New Bedford police tell ABC 6 News they have taken dozens of replica guns off the streets this year.

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