Breaking and entering suspects arrested in New Bedford

Elisha Kay Aldrich

Two men charged with breaking and entering, possession of burglarious tools and larceny, have been arraigned in New Bedford court.

The suspects, Luis Riveira-Rodriguez, 25, and Edgardo Badillo, 33, were caught on Monday night shortly after midnight when a neighbor called 911 to report two males trying to break into a vacant house at 30 Adams Street in New Bedford. Local police arrived on the scene to find two males walking away from the area. Riveira-Rodriguez was carrying a backpack with a crow bar sticking out of it, as well as a flashlight.

Officers found a broken lock box that had been torn from the home in the area nearby. Back at the house, they also found that plywood had been broken off the doorway buy the inner door was unharmed. Both men were placed under arrest.