New Bedford Encouraging Residents to Use Rain Collection Barrels

By: Tim Studebaker

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NEW BEDFORD, MASS.As lawns turn green and gardens grow, so too may your water bills.  But, if you plan ahead, you could stop the meter from running.

New Bedford Assistant Superintendent of Wastewater Jim Costa says, “A resident could expect to save about 280 dollars annually.”

The City of New Bedford is encouraging its residents to collect rain water using a rain barrel.

Costa says, “They’re all food grade barrels that are repurposed actually in Massachusetts.”

The water is not meant for drinking, but it can be used to water gardens, lawns, or even washing a car.

Costa says, “It’s a good way to save money and use natural water that’s not treated already and [doesn’t have] chlorine and other chemicals in it.”

Not only would it mean lower water bills, but lower demand on the city’s water supply.

Costa says, “You’re able to just use water that you’ve collected over time instead of running the city’s water source down.”

Having a barrel could mean your garden has water in the event dry summer weather leads to water bans.  It even saves the city resources at the other end of the cycle.

Costa says, “So during rain events, we have less water flowing through the system and less rain water that’s being treated at the treatment plant as well.”

New Bedford residents have until April 29 to order discounted barrels through the city.  Programs are also available in other cities and towns in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, or you can get one directly from the company.

Visit the Great American Rain Barrel Company’s website for more information:

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