New Bedford man arraigned on murder charges in Thursday’s stabbing

By: Chloe Leshner


NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE) — The New Bedford man accused of stabbing a man to death yesterday faced a judge this morning on murder charges. We’re starting to fill in the blanks about the moments leading up to the violent crime.

The victim and the suspect are distant cousins and both were staying at that New Bedford house when they started fighting over loud music.

Family members of 47 year old Allan Monteiro sobbed in the courtroom this morning as 51 year old year old James Andrews was arraigned on murder charges. He’s accused of stabbing his cousin with a box cutter with other family members in the room.

"Unfortunately this is another case that involves a senseless killing," says Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn.

Monteiro was killed early Thursday morning after he asked Andrews to lower the volume of his music which had woken up his grandchild.

"She turned around and saw her father lying on the ground, motionless, and the defendant standing over him," Caroline Morissette, the prosecutor, explained in court.

Police say Andrews told family members he was acting in self defense.

"When you look at the reports, it looks like a self defense. They’re saying that the other person made some kind of threat, they’re saying that the other person may have had a club under his body or there was some kind of pipe found," says John Connors, Andrews’ attorney.

Police found no signs of trauma on Andrews’ body but he did test positive for having blood on his hands.

Andrews was on the run for several hours although he was in contact with family and police, never leaving the New Bedford area. He apologized multiple times, ultimately posting a suicidal message on Facebook.

"I truly tried to be the best me yet I failed myself and family and all again, goodbye," reads part of it.

Andrews has a violent criminal history. He’s being held without bail.

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