New Bedford man charged for previously unsolved murder of half-sister

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE)- A SouthCoast man has been charged for the previously unsolved 2001 cold case murder of his half-sister, according to Bristol County District Attorney’s Office.

The District Attorney’s Office said that 53-year-old David Reed beat 41-year-old Rose Marie Moniz to death inside of her New Bedford home on March 23, 2001.

Moniz’s body had been found in a pool of blood, with belongings from her purse scattered around the home.

Reed struck Moniz using a fire poker, conch shell, and cast iron kettle. The autopsy report described significant trauma to her head including skull fractures, gaping lacerations and other injuries.

The Bristol County District Attorney’s office requested a DNA test of the conch shell. Testing was also done under the victim’s fingernails. The results matched a DNA sample he’d given after being convicted of an attempted murder that happened in 2003.

He was required to submit a sample of his DNA to the state’s database when he was detained in 2015, after being on the run for 11 years.

Reed is now facing charges of murder and armed robbery.

“Thanks to the efforts of my Cold Case Unit, along with detectives from our state police unit and New Bedford Police, we were able to bring some sense of relief  to the victim’s family, all of whom suffered for the past 20 years from not knowing what happened to Ms. Moniz,” District Attorney Quinn said.

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