New Bedford man held without bail for infant’s brutal death

Dee DeQuattro

A New Bedford man is being held without bail after he was arraigned on criminal charges stemming from the death of his girlfriend's 9-month-old infant.

At 6 p.m. on Thursday night the victim, Ariel Eluziario, was brought to St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford. From St. Luke's she was airlifted to Hasbro children's hospital for emergency surgery. She was pronounced dead at 10 p.m.

A police investigation revealed 23-year-old Ethen Harrison, the boyfriend of the baby's mother to be the main suspect in the case. Harrison lived with the mother however was not the child's biological father.

During the arraignment Prosecutor Stephen Nadeau said that during an interview Harrison admitted to certain acts consistent with the injuries the child sustained.

According to a narrative from Detective Alberto Silva Harrison was caring for the child when she became fussy. harrison admitted to dropping the trial on the floor causing the infant to strike her head. He further admitted to forcefully picking up the baby which caused her head to snap forward. He said he then threw the baby onto the bed which caused her to bounce up and land approximately. four feet to the floor, once again striking the floor.  The narrative said that Harrison admitted to shaking the baby and slapping her face.

Baby Ariel suffered from retinal hemorrhaging behind both eyes, and a blood clot on the right side of her brain. She also had several bruises.

Harrison was charged with reckless endangerment of a child, assault and battery on a child causing substantial bodily injury, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He will appear in court again on March 5th for a pretrial hearing.

Investigators are awaiting results of the infant's autopsy.