New Bedford Man Gets Life, Admits To Killing Mom and Ex

A New Bedford man, who admitted killing his own mother and his ex-girlfriend, got the maximum sentence. 39 year old Gary Gomes will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Gomes admits to leaving a note for his ex, Robyn Mendes, that said “I love you”, written in blood. Thursday, he gave a brief apology in court for what he did. It last just a few seconds.

Gomes briefly turned toward family members in court, asking for their forgiveness before he was sentenced to life behind bars.

“He apologized to the family on both sides, that's all he said and you know, what take the apology and shove it,” said relative Louis Bourassa, “He knew what he was doing was wrong when he did it. He shouldn't have done it.”

Gomes recently confessed to brutally stabbing his own mother, Katherine Gomes, and ex girlfriend, Robyn Mendes, back in 2009. They were both found in his mom's apartment in New Bedford. He dressed his ex up, put make-up on her and left his license on her pillow.     

Those gruesome details are tough for the families to hear. “I just spoke to Robyn's mother on the phone and she's a mess,” said Bourassa, “It's been really stressful and straining on her for sure throughout the whole process.”

Gomes' decision to plead guilty was a surprise to his lawyer. “It was a sad day all around,” said Defense Attorney Gerald Fitzgerald, “Mr. Gomes did something I never encountered in 30 years of defending and prosecuting on both sides of the fence.”

Family members were confident Gomes would've been found guilty, saying there was just too much evidence against him.

“He couldn't get out of admitting he did it, so we knew justice was going to be served, but how long was the question,” said Bourassa.

Gomes is sentenced to life in prison, without parole.