New Bedford mattress recycling company sees 300% increase in donations ahead of Jan. 1 new law

Starting Jan. 1, New Bedford residents will have to pay $10 for their mattresses or box springs to be picked up

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE) — New Bedford residents are days away from having to pay $10 to trash their mattress or box spring, as part of a new state law aimed at reducing landfill waste.

HandUp Mattress Recycling said since Massachusetts enacted the law, the company has received over 300% the amount of monthly donations than before.

“We were averaging about one thousand mattresses per month through the summer, last month we saw 4,000,” CEO Erik Dyson said.

Dyson said he opened the company’s doors in January — knowing this new law would bring a surge of mattress recycling.

But it comes at a cost for those doing the cleaning out. And Dyson said while he understands change can be frustrating, this is good change for the future of the environment.

Mattresses are seen piling up inside HandUp Mattress Recycling in New Bedford. (WLNE)

“This was positive because it forces people to recycle,” Dyson said Tuesday. “Massachusetts appropriately saw that we nobody wants a landfill in their backyard.”

Dyson said when a mattress is donated, three parts are salvaged and recycled, including the steel (the springs), the cotton and the memory foam.

The workers at the recycling facility are able to break down about 50-60 mattresses a day. Some, even more.

Over 75% of a mattress can be recycled, a large difference compared to 0% if sitting in a landfill.

Those three parts are the steel (the springs), the cotton, and the memory foam.

About 5% of the mattress (in good condition) donated get cleaned and resold at 10% of the retail price.

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