Mother of deceased New Bedford newborn arraigned

By Samantha Lavien

A 22-year-old mother is charged in connection with the death of her new newborn baby. That baby girl was discovered under a porch in New Bedford with her umbilical cord still attached back in April.
The mother, now identified at Tamlyn Gonzalez spoke with ABC 6 News following the infants death denying any involvement.

“I don’t know the situation I can’t pass judgement but god have mercy on her soul,” said Gonzalez one day after the baby was discovered.

Now, almost three months later Gonzalez is facing a single felony charge for misleading authorities. Police say they became suspicious of Gonzalez after receiving a tip about a woman who was pregnant in the home where she was living.

“Investigators were told a number of different stories which is why she’s charged with misleading police,” said Gregg Miliote a spokesperson for the Bristol County District Attorney’s office.

Gonzalez remained hidden behind plexiglass throughout most of Mondays arraignment.

“She could not give an exact date of the birth, but she was adamant that it was at least two weeks prior to when the baby was found underneath the stairs in New Bedford,” said prosecutor Maryclare Flynn.

Prosecutors told the judge the 22-year-old lied multiple times to police saying at first she denied being pregnant .

Throughout the investigation the prosecutor says Gonzalez detailed three different places the baby was born. Gonzales says the third story she told police is what actually happened.

“She told them the truth was that she had the baby alone in her bathtub at 1065 County Street,” said Flynn.

Gonzalez told investigators the baby was born with its umbilical cord wrapped around it’s neck. She told police she has received mental health treatment after hearing voices that told her not to tell anyone about the baby.

“Because she was quote attached to it and she thought the baby would come back to life she kept the baby with her,” said Flynn.

Gonzalez says she left the dead newborn outside after her mother commented about a smell in her room. Prosecutors say that smell was the newborn which was kept in a box.

Autopsy results on the infant are still pending.

Gonzalez was released from court on several conditions including that she continue to take her medication and that she not leave the state. She is due back in court July 10.

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