New Bedford teacher under investigation

By: Liz Tufts


The teacher shown in a video getting a chair thrown toward her by a student, now finds herself under investigation. That teacher at New Bedford High School was told by the administration she didn't handle the
situation properly and now, she could lose her job.

Every time New Bedford High school teacher Joanne Maura reads
the letter she received from the headmaster informing her she's now under
investigation She still can't believe her eyes. “I was in shock, I went hysterical, “says Maura.

It's all because of this video that's gone viral. On March 24th, 18-year-old Kemar Roselus is shown throwing a chair toward Maura
because she wouldn't give him back his cell phone.

He's being punished by the school and police, but the
superintendent wasn't notified until a week later. “They are trying to say I didn't go through the proper
channels to report it,  ” says Maura.

When the student became combative, Maura yelled for another
teacher to help. Moments later,sShe says one of the school's housemasters
showed up and saw this broken chair. She figured that was enough. “I'm the victim of the 
crime so why am I being blamed for being a victim? it doesn't make any
sense to me, ” adds Maura.

According to the letter sent to Maura, The school's headmaster says ” you failed to perform
your responsibilities as a teacher and properly inform administration of the
nature, details and severity of the incident, or provide a conduct report in
a timely fashion.” It goes on to say,bBecause of that she could be fired.

The school district would not comment on camera but confirms
it is investigating the matter. “I'm convinced if that video didn't leak out than this would
have been covered up, that no one would have heard about it, ” says Maura.

Maura will meet with the headmaster and superintendent  here at New Bedford High School on Monday.