New Bedford Teen Killed In Car Accident

     The front steps of the McCann home are covered with everything that was their 17-year old son, Andrew.

     “No matter what he went through, he was just ok… You know, I'm going to miss him,” said Andrew's father, Bruce McCann.

father says his son sat on the bench for his junior football season to
undergo kidney surgery. He came back his senior year and was made
captain, but broke his arm. He missed out on the last two games.

     But that didn't stop him.

     “But now he was ready to come back… One more week to go and he was ready to start playing baseball,” Bruce McCann lamented.

to police, McCann was on his way to school with two friends. They were
about to take the exit when the car lost control and flipped. McCann
was ejected from the car and pronounced dead on scene.

     The other two teens were transported to the hospital and are expected to be okay.
McCann's big brother, Ryan, says Andrew was the only one not wearing his seatbelt.

     “I love that kid. He was a great, great kid and I'm so happy he was my brother,” Ryan said of his brother.

     As soon as word of the accident got to McCann's high school, grief counselors were on scene. Many students left early to be at the family's home.

     Kyle Soares played baseball and football with McCann. “We've been through a lot of stuff. You know, football field, you form a bond,” Soares said.

     “This is probably one of the toughest things I've had to deal with in 19 years of coaching baseball,” said Rick Avila, a basketball coach at McCann's high school.

Friends, family, and teammates streamed in and out of the family's home, showing their love and support. An outpouring from the community that makes this father very proud.

“He touched everybody. Everybody loved him and I'm not just saying that
because he's mine. He was just a great kid and you can ask anybody that knows