New Bedford Woman Startled by Squatters

It's bad enough to have your house broken into, but when the burglars stay for days, it's a whole other ordeal.

A New Bedford woman was shocked when she found out that two people had been robbing her and squatting in her basement, for the last 3-days.

Sandra Coe had been hearing noises in her New Bedford home for the last few days, but she thought they were all in her head.

“I thought I'd been paranoid, you know? Because I live here by myself.” said Coe.

It turns out that Sandra's paranoia was justified, because she wasn't alone after all.

For the last few days, two squatters had broken in, were living in her basement, and stealing from her.

“They just went through the whole house, every draw was open, every-door was open.”
said Coe.

Sandra only found out she had company early Friday morning, when the two squatters, Alanna Redlon and Frederick Crane, came upstairs and began ransacking her home.

That woke Sandra up and then she heard them bragging about how they'd been in her basement, for the last 3-days.

“It was very scary, knowing that they were here more than that night, they were here for at least 2 or 3 days.” said Coe.

Sandra confronted the squatters, and mater they ran-off, she called the police, who caught the squatters nearby.

It's a story that's hard to believe, even for Sandra's relatives.

“I'm baffled.” said Sandra's son Kevin Coe. “Like how can people live in a person's basement for a couple days and people don't know about it and then just come upstairs and steal things? I just don't get it.”

And even thought Sandra's got a new set of locks on all her doors, this experience has shaken her to the point that she's scared to be alone, in her own home.

“Every little noise I hear now, I'm gonna freak out, and think I need to call the cops.” said Sandra Coe.

The squatters were found to have more than just Sandra's stuff, when they were caught.

Police believe they had stolen property from several other homes in the area as well.