New business prevented from opening

By john guice


    People in the community around Broadway street were out in  full  force in support of a new business. They were protesting that the opening of the store has been delayed. 

    Drake Patten was set to open her urban  farm supply business called Cluck!, in mid-April. She was dealt a  blow in court Friday when a judge,after hearing an appeal from some of the neighbors, overturned a zoning variance granted by the city, based on lack of notification.

The Sts.  Vartanantz Church also filed an appeal to stop the opening of the store, saying  it would create parking problems for their parishioners.

Patten says the church's parking problems has nothing to do with her business. 

She says, “this was not a parking space for the church, so if they have a parking issue that needs resolution, that's something they need to tackle,any  business that would come in here, would take away the non–permission parking that they were doing here” .

Mayor Angel Taveras also attended the rally and says,he's hopeful there can be a resolution. 

 Patten hopes to open the  business as soon as possible.She's hoping to be get a meeting with the zoning board in May.