NEW: Company responsible for editing RI campaign video speaks out

By Kirsten Glavin


PROVIDENCE, RI – One day after Rhode Island unveiled its new slogan, "Cooler and Warmer", the promotional video has been pulled from YouTube.

This move comes after critics questioned a clip in the video that was shot in Iceland. The new slogan is part of a $5 million marketing strategy re-branding Rhode Island.

The part of the video in question shows a skateboarder on a boat dock with a glass building in the background, which looks like a concert hall in Iceland. Coryndon Luxmoore is a User Experience designer that works in Boston, but lives in Boston. He and another designer, Greg Nemes, were credited with discovering the footage location.  Luxmoore told ABC6 News in an interview that Nemes recognized the blue building in the background from his trip to Iceland.  The two did a Google search and found a nearly identical stock photo taken in Reykjavik.

"I just frankly did not recognize that building. And many other people did not recognize it, it does not look like something that is in Rhode Island," Luxmoore said. "What raises questions for me, is how well this project was managed."

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation released a statement just before 5pm Tuesday, saying a mistake was made by a local firm hired to edit the footage and that changes are being made now at no cost:

“As the Commerce Corporation put this presentation video together, explicit instructions were given to the local firm that helped with editing to use only Rhode Island footage. A mistake was made. Once the mistake was identified, the video was removed. The video is currently being updated at no cost to the Commerce Corporation or the State of Rhode Island. As the campaign rolls out, we expect to make additional improvements and changes to our promotional materials.”

The company responsible for editing the video, IndieWhip, commented:

On behalf of the Great State of Rhode Island, we sincerely apologize for the editing mistake brought to our attention in connection to the Commerce RI #WeAreRI campaign.

IndieWhip had been contracted to edit this presentation video and we made the decision to insert the content in question during the editing process. The bulk of the images we used in this video were provided by Rhode Island’s regional tourism offices. The video is being updated, with a new version to go live soon ensuring all shots are located in the State. The footage in question is of a Rhode Island skateboarder, filmed by a Rhode Islander. Again, we sincerely apologize to the State of Rhode Island for this error. No costs will be incurred by the state to correct the video.

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