New Crime Tracking Website for Pawtucket

The City of Pawtucket is the first in the state to utilize the crime mapping website RAIDS Online. The website is a completely free service to the city and it's users, and will allow anyone to keep up to date on any crimes that happen in their neighborhood.

A positive tool for the community, Lt. Roberto DaSilva says, “we're trying to reach out to the community, make them as informed as possible. Information is power and if the people in the community know what's going on around their community, what instances are occurring, they'll be more vigilant and they'll be more apt to say look I know there have been a couple break ins on my street, I see a suspicious guy or car, I'm going to contact the police.”

The website can track when, where and what specific type of crime has been reported. Automatically, once a day the system obtains the police reports in the database and updates for the public.

The public can also use the website to give anonymous tips to the police station and also sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly e-mail alerts.

You can visit the RAIDS Online website by clicking here.