New DentalSlim device helps patients lose weight by locking teeth shut

University of Otago

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- A new weight lose device quite literally locks your mouth shut.

The DentalSlim Diet Control device uses magnets to lock a person’s upper and lower teeth together, forcing them to follow a liquid diet.

The device only allows the user to open their mouth two millimeters wide.

A dentist fits the locking bolts on the users upper and lower teeth.

The company ran a trial and found that participants lost an average of 14 pounds in two weeks.

Researchers say that the device doesn’t restrict breathing and still allows the user to speak.

Some people have been making fun of the product online, saying it looks like a “creepy torture device.”

But researchers with the University of Otago in New Zealand responded by saying its main intent was not for the general public to slim down, but for those who have a short-term medical need to lose weight quickly, such as preparing for some types of surgery and for managing diabetes.

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