New deputy chief and major sworn-in to Providence Police Department

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Hundreds of people gathered Monday to celebrate the swearing-in ceremony of Deputy Chief Oscar Perez and Maj. Timothy O’Hara.

This comes one week after the retirement of Cmdr. Thomas Verdi who served Providence for over 35 years.

Perez has been with the department since 1994. He reflected on his time spent in Colombia before moving to Providence alongside of his brother — who now is also a member of the force.

“May 13, 1994, I took an oath to protect and serve and I never thought I would now be here before all of you — and join such a great police force,” Perez said.

Perez has served a variety of positions in the department, including sergeant and lieutenant.

O’Hara has been with the department since 1995. Since then, he has won numerous awards, including police officer of the year.

“Most of my career was with the patrol bureau, and in the detective division, and I believe when we work together and solve critical incidents and problems for people — it’s a beautiful thing,” said O’Hara.

He has helped supervise over 95 homicide investigations since his time with the city.

“I congratulate them on their promotions and I am confident that they will continue to be motivated and enthusiastic leaders moving forward,” said Col. Hugh Clements.

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