New England Sports Fans Are One of A Kind

I was watching the NBA pre-season game between Miami and Detroit last night when news of a possible trade of Randy Moss came over the Internet.  I quickly dismissed it as rumor but I decided to check it out.  As soon as I went to one of the social networks, the topic was a hot one with about 40 posts on one thread alone.  It turns out it was true!  Randy Moss is going to the Vikings! There were many opinions about the trade: I went out and talked to folks and some were very upset. One man told me “one of the reasons I watch the Patriots is because of Randy Moss.”

Another woman who has been a Patriots fan since she was a little girl and has had season tickets since 1989 said, she was heartbroken!  I've only been here (New England) for six years and to see folks get worked up over a trade really turns me on.  New Englanders are very passionate about a lot things and are not quick to hold back anything.  Most people, after the dust settles, understand that football, like any other business, is just that: a business.  But that doesn't stop the fans from voicing their opinion or having, like one man told me, his whole day ruined because of a trade of a football player! My day would not be ruined if my team traded my favorite player, but then again, I'M NOT FROM NEW ENGLAND!

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