NEW: Lastarza found guilty of murder in Federal Hill killing

By: News Staff

PROVIDENCE, R.I. –  Daniel Lastarza has been found guilty of 2nd degree murder, authorities say.  Lastarza was facing murder and assault charges after a fight outside of the $3 Bar on Federal Hill turned deadly back in July of 2014. The fight happened after a car deal gone wrong and resulted in the death of Jonathan Stack.

"Jerry Nassi began to throw those punches one after the other after the other into Chris Tucker’s head," said Michelle Alves, Lastarza’s lawyer.

Lastarza’s defense team said their client got involved in the fight because his friend Chris Tucker’s life was in danger. Tucker was getting beat up by Jerri Nassi and Jonathan Stack outside of the $3 Bar just hours after Lastarza and Tucker scammed them. Surveillance video shown in court showed Lastarza and watching the fight unfold. Then, he grabbed a two-by-four and ran towards the fight. First, he hit Nassi once. Then, he hit Stack twice. Stack later died from his injuries.

"He didn’t have time to think. He didn’t have time to make sure. He had a bloody man buried in Jon Stack’s chest and he did what he had to do to get him released," Alves said.

The prosecution said once Lastarza hit Nassi, the fight was two-on-one. They argued that the next two strikes to Stack were excessive.

"That’s not defense. That’s revenge," said prosecutor Roger Demers.

Demers added that Lastarza knew what he was going to do the second he picked up the two-by-four. 

Lastarza was also found not guilty on the assault with deadly weapon charge. 

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