New mural donated to Cranston High School West

Dee DeQuattro

The banner's back in town.

A new mural has been donated to Cranston High School West to replace the old Prayer Banner that was ordered removed by a judge in 2010.

The class of 1963 donated a new mural over the weekend as part of the class's 50th anniversary celebration. The original banner was donated by the class of 1963 when the school first opened its doors.

The new mural is completely different from the old banner which featured the words “our Heavenly Father,” and “Amen.”

Ray Votto, the Chief Operating Officer of Cranston Schools says the new mural features the school mascot the falcon and has a phrase corresponding with every letter of the word Falcon.

The new mural is framed and will be screwed into the wall unlike the old mural which was physically glued onto the wall.

In addition to a new mural the class redesigned the class creed which also hangs on the wall. The creed was made to look similar to the new mural. Unfortunately the creed had a few typos in it and had to be sent back to the designer.

Votto said they expect to get the creed, with corrections, back by early next week. At that time the new mural and the creed will be hung on the auditorium's wall.

The old banner was ordered removed by a judge after a student atheist challenged the banners constitutionality and prevailed in Federal Court.

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