New odor coming from Johnston landfill

People in Johnston are well aware of that rotten egg smell coming from the landfill, but now there's another stench coming off the land.

It's described as a musty mulch smell, and when it's combined with the heat, it's really not pleasant.

Softball fans in Johnston's Woodlake Park certainly noticed the smell on Thursday night.

The fans did what they could to handle the heat and bugs, but the one thing they couldn't do anything about was the unpleasant smell, coming off the Johnston landfill.

Thursday was Carol Giammarco's first trip to Woodlake Park.

She came to watch her son-in-law play softball, and after having to put up with a strong odor all night, that smell's like something between a stuffed trash truck on pick-up day, and a wet compost pile, Carol says it will be her last trip too.

“It's gotta be unhealthy because its totally gross. This is the first time I've ever smelled anything like this, I don't ever want to come back to this field again.” said Giammarco.

The smell isn't just annoying to softball spectators, it's also got the attention of Johnston State Representative Stephen Ucci.

“You can smell it and its not garbage, it smells like they loaded tons and tons of mulch around here and that odor is not going away.” said Rep. Ucci.

Ucci had hoped the bad smells coming from the landfill would stop, now that additional air quality monitors have been required through new legislation, and new gas flares have been installed to deal with the rotten egg methane smell.

But with a new odor wafting in the air, Ucci says he's ready to tackle it, head on.

“I don't want to legislate how they operate the landfill, but unless they fix it, that's exactly what we're going to do.” said Ucci.

Representative Ucci told ABC6 News that as soon as he found out about the smell, he tried to get in contact with the operators of the landfill, but Ucci said his calls have so far gone unanswered.

Ucci plans on talking to Governor Chafee about the odor problem on Friday.