New PawSox Owner Lucchino has built stadiums before

 By Matt Blanchette


The new majority  owner and architect of the Pawtucket Red Sox and any potential stadium is current Boston Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino..

  He comes with a pedigree of building baseball stadiums. He and his ownership group want fans to envision a scene like the one in San Francisco, where home run balls sail over the fence and land in the water, on a minor league level in Providence.

Lucchino is responsible for building new major league parks in San Diego and Baltimore. He reflected on those projects in a recent round table discussion on Bloomberg TV about building new stadiums.

“The new area of San Diego, downtown San Diego, has been a success beyond expectations,” he said.

The new owners have an idea for the design of a stadium, and a location, part of the 1–195 land currently owned by the state and Brown University.

When you get a look at parcel four on that land, you kind of get a sense of what these new owners want to do with this open space and where they would want to put this stadium with the right field wall up against the Providence River and the Providence Skyline over the left field wall.
Former Providence major Joe Paolino, who also owns several properties downtown, recognizes the power in this ownership group and says the idea. is a home run.
“So a lot of these guys have a lot to do with changing the Providence skyline, so it looks like no matter what their age, they are still doing it today. They will get it done. I only wish that had wanted 11 investors instead of 10 and I am a Yankees fan,” Paolino said.