New Providence pharmacy features old-school soda fountain

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Step into Green Line Apothecary on North Main Street in Providence, and you’re walking down memory lane.

“There was a time when pharmacies were much more than a place to pick up your pills. They were community gathering places,” said co-owner Ken Procaccianti.

That’s why Procaccianti and his wife decided to hit rewind–from selling beauty products that go back to basics, to offering personalized customer service. They even offer free prescription delivery in one of their antique vans.

“We wanted to re-create that classic American drugstore,” said Procaccianti.

The centerpiece? A 40s-style soda fountain.

“We’re inspired by that era when pharmacists were mixing up tonics by hand, to treat their patients’ ailments,” said Procaccianti.

They serve up all sorts of throwback drinks here–from lime rickeys to raspberry phosphates.

“Everything we serve has real ingredients in it. The soda is mixed by hand,” said Procaccianti.

Green Line Apothecary has another store in Wakefield, which has been open for a couple of years. The Providence location is hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, May 18. 

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