New restaurant tour explores local neighborhoods

Nicole Gerber


PROVIDENCE – There's a new way to explore all the unique dining experience that Rhode Island has to offer.

It's called Dishcrawl Providence, and it's a tour focusing on local restaurants… and local diners.

It kicks off tonight at 7.

If you're in the mood for food, there's a new way to get a taste for some local restaurants that may not be on your radar.

“What we want to do is make a lasting relationship between the community, and between restaurants… Dishcrawl really likes to introduce people to new foods. So we're all about making life delicious,” said Dishcrawl Ambassador Michael Paliotta.

On a Dishcrawl tour you'll visit three different restaurants in three hours all for under $50.

Each tour focuses on a specific neighborhood, boosting the local economy, and keeping Rhode Island dollars, and diners, in the ocean state.

Tuesday's event focuses on the East Side.

“The focus for us and the restaurants in the area is really revamping Thayer Street. We have so much to offer with the shops and the restaurants and just the walking around and buildings and culture here that we want to remind people how beautiful it is here,” said Megan Kenney of restaurant Coco Pazzo, which is participating in tonight's tour.

Depending on which area your tour focuses on… you could be in for a surprise.

The restaurants on the tour actually remain a secret until 48 hours before your Dishcrawl starts.

 “It's just fun. If I told you where we were going it would be boring… But I do drop hints on the Twitter blog and Facebook page a little bit so if you're clever you can figure it out,” said Paliotta.

For more information or to find out how to sign up for the next Dishcrawl tour, visit:

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