New Shoreham Town Council holds emergency meeting following fatal moped crash

NEW SHOREHAM, R.I. (WLNE): The New Shoreham Town Council held an emergency meeting following a fatal moped crash on Block Island. This was the second fatal crash in less than a week.

Corey Sanville, 22, from Cranston, died on Saturday after his moped crashed head-on with an SUV.

Last Sunday, Jackson Panus, 16, died in a car accident on Block Island. Panus was a passenger in the car. The underage female driver was charged with DUI resulting in death.

Ken Lacoste, first Warden at New Shoreham Town Council, said they have received hundreds of emails.

Kirk Littlefield, Chief of the Block Island Fire Department, said from Memorial Day to Labor Day in 2018 there were 46 moped accidents. In 2019, there were 34 moped accidents, according to Littlefield. In 2020, there have been 44 moped accidents since June.

Thomas Warcup, Director of Block Island Medical Center, said fog has been a tremendous challenge when it comes to flying people off the Island.

“Fog seems to be more the norm so dealing with that level of injury than not being able to readily transport those individuals can be taxing,” Warcup said.

Andre Boudreau, second Warden at New Shoreham Town Council said he can speak for the residents when it comes to worrying about these accidents every weekend.

“Your heart sinks,” Boudreau, said. “Every single weekend a parent worries on Block Island where their kids are when they hear sirens.”

Councilor Martha Ball said she does not see anything changing unless real action is taken.

“I really think we have to do something serious here,” Ball said. “It’s the middle of August. We have had a good summer and people have had a lot of business. So we are just going to take the numbers and talk about safety measures that we’ve ben talking about since the beginning of the season that isn’t going to happen? I don’t see anything changing unless we take serious action here.”

The Town Council went into closed session to discuss whether any actions should be taken.

The meeting will be continued Monday at 5 p.m.



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