New video released in unsolved Boston art museum heist

By News Staff

The Associated Press

Twenty-five years after the famed art heist at Boston's Gardner museum, officials have released new surveillance video showing an unauthorized visitor entering the museum 24 hours before the robbery.

Authorities hope the never-before seen video will spark some leads in the still-unsolved heist.

It shows a guard appearing to speak into an intercom, then grant access to a man. The man is seen getting out of a car matching the general description of one reported to be parked outside the museum minutes before the theft. He uses the same rear entrance as the thieves.

The combined value of the 13 works stolen on March 18, 1990, is at least $500 million.

The stolen works include Vermeer's "The Concert'' and Rembrandt's "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee.''

You can watch the video online here:

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