New Yorker catches quarantine check on ring camera: “I felt singled out at first but it’s for the best”

The Rhode Island National Guard and police continue to door knock in coastal communities to make sure out of staters staying in Rhode Island are following the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Laura Percopo, from Somers New York, also has a home in Jamestown where she has been since last Friday.

“Of course naturally by human nature my first feeling was, wait a minute I’m being singled out and that wasn’t a good feeling,” Percopo said. “But I quickly got over that and I 100 percent agree with the governor’s decision.”

The National Guard and Jamestown Police knocked on her door over the weekend, and she caught the whole interaction on her Ring doorbell camera.

“They explained everything going on,” Perpoco said. “Of course they had their gloves and masks on which I totally understand.  I wasn’t alarmed because I knew it was coming. Had I not known I would’ve been a little alarmed and scared.”

Over the weekend Raimondo signed a new order, extending the quarantine from just New Yorkers, to anyone coming to Rhod Island from out of state.

“I am sort of on the main road and my car is here,” Percopo said. “I haven’t gotten any dirty looks from being from New York but it’s a feeling. This is the first time I ever came to Jamestown where I felt a little uncomfortable. Like I maybe don’t belong here.”

Percopo said she is happy to quarantine and she hopes others are doing the same. She also is extremely pleased with the way it was handled.

” The Jamestown police were phenomenal. the woman was delightful from the National Gard. very knowledgeable about what was going on and they were very nice.”

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