Newly released body cam footage shows moments after Providence officer was shot at

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Providence police released body camera footage that captures the moments after an officer was shot at two years ago.

Officer Robert Savage was one of several officers called to a domestic incident on Canton Street on Aug. 11, 2021.

The video begins immediately after his cruiser was hit twice.

Police say the suspect, Luis Roman, shot at Savage about a dozen times with an unregistered AR-15 style gun.

Savage was not injured in the shooting.

Former Col. Chief Thomas Verdi said at the time that one of the bullets missed him by a few inches.


“Six inches higher, three inches to the left, it goes right through the driver’s windshield and he takes it probably right in the chest,” Verdi said back in August of 2021. “That’s how fortunate and how lucky we are today that we didn’t have a police officer killed in the line of duty.”

Roman reportedly hit a woman with his gun several times after she tried to dial 911.

He then “inadvertently and accidentally” called 911 on himself, according to Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha.

The video shows Savage and other officers looking around a corner with weapons drawn immediately after the shooting.

Roman had took off on foot, leading police on a manhunt in the Elmhurst neighborhood.

Officers found him hours later at a house on nearby Sears Avenue.

He is now serving 30 years in prison after recently pleading guilty to several offenses, including assault with intent to murder.

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