Newport community ready to welcome home Heather Abbott

By: Melissa Toupin

The tight-knit community of Newport is ready to welcome home Heather Abbott. They been following her progress and now, after three weeks in a hospital, Abbott is finally ready to return to Rhode Island.
Abbott was injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. After several surgeries the 38-year-old decided to have her leg amputated rather than live a life of pain.
Many people who live in her home town of Newport look to Abbott for strength saying the survivors positive attitude is an inspiration. There has been outpouring of support for Abbott. Dozens of local businesses stepping up to show their support and to help make the transition a little easier.
“It would be our honor and are played privilege to have her and her family come here,” said Chef Dan Knerr of the Black Pearl.
In her return to normalcy Abbott has mentioned that she is looking forward to eating lobster. Chef Knerr is happy to accommodate her in that.
“She can get steamed lobster, grilled lobster, sauteed tails with crab meat. Whatever she would like,” he said.
But before Abbott can take the restaurant up on their offer her friends say they want to give her a proper homecoming. They say they have something planned, but are keeping the details private. They are hoping that in no time their entire group will be back out and enjoying themselves like before.
“I think everyone is just looking forward to having a normal night out with her, and just being able to socialize, and just do the normal Friday, Saturday night stuff with her,” said Ryan Belmore.
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