Newport County gas outage reaches Day 4

NEWPORT, R.I. (WLNE) – Thursday marked day four of a gas outage that left 10,000 people in the lurch as its peak.

National Grid officials believe it will be another five days before gas is fully restored to the roughly 7,000 customers in Newport and Middletown.

As of Thursday evening, all but roughly 40 customers in Middletown still need their meters re-lit.

Meanwhile, Newport is almost done with turning off everyone’s meters – the first phase of the process. Around 100 customers still need their gas turned off. Then, the gas system can be re-pressurized, a process that is expected to take at least five hours. Once that phase is complete, customers’ meters will be turned back on, one by one.

In a press conference, Governor Gina Raimondo reiterated the plea for folks to seek shelter elsewhere if they have no heat in their homes, since the temperatures will be getting colder.

National Grid turned off service Monday, after the gas mains reached dangerously low pressures. Governor Raimondo then issued a State of Emergency. FEMA arrived to assist Wednesday.

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