Newport expects tens of thousands visitors amid weekend heat

NEWPORT, R.I. (WLNE) — As summer quickly approaches, with temperatures expected to be in the 70s in Newport and much of the Rhode Island coastline, the city is geared up for the beginning of the season.

Temperatures in the inland communities of the Rhode Island may see 90 degrees this weekend. Newport community leaders said they expect thousands to flock to the coast, as they expect 20 degrees less.

“It’s going to be shoulder to shoulder,” said Charlie Holder, who is the operations manager of the Midtown Oyster Bar and a Newport City councilor. “In retail shops, on the beaches, with traffic, we know it’s going to be a good season.”

Holder said they can expect about 20,000 visitors, just one week before the historically hectic weekend of Memorial Day.

“The way things are trending, you’re looking at a couple million dollars a weekend for the city of Newport — what people spend on hotels, and restaurants, and retail,” he explained.

Some weekend visitors thought they were avoiding the craze by coming before Memorial Day.

“It’s super packed. They know the weather is going to be nice, so that’s what is bringing everyone here. When they hear that, they plan,” said one visitor.

Locals who ABC 6 News spoke with said, “It’s going to be nuts. We’re going to be sitting on our deck enjoying watching everybody.”

Holder noted while this influx is sooner than expected — before the inaugural start of summer marked by Memorial Day — the city is built off tourism.

He assured ABC 6 that the city is ready for the summer season.

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