Newport Office Shooting Leaves One Woman Dead, Another Woman Injured

Police say a call reporting gunshots had been fired came in around 10:30 Tuesday morning. Newport Police say the gunshots came from The Franklin and Company Design Store at 11 Memorial Blvd. Lieutenant William Fitzgerald says the shooting was not random, but says they still aren't exactly sure what took place inside the office building. What they do know is that one woman died of a gunshot wound, and another was injured during an altercation. 

We spoke to a couple bystanders who say they saw a crazy scene unravel at the office building on Memorial Blvd Tuesday morning. 

William Devouge says he was driving by when he saw what he describes as all of the Newport Police Department swarm the building. 

“They got out with their guns drawn and really just got after whatever was happening inside the building. I started to get out of my vehicle and they said get back because I guess the gunman was unaccounted for at that time,” explained Devouge. 

Police have not released the names or ages of the two woman involved in the incident, but did tell ABC 6 that the woman who was injured works at the Franklin and Company Design Associates Store and the woman who was shot and killed, did not work there. 

Gary Wiggins, owner of The Canfield House Restaurant next door, says he saw the injured woman walk out of the office building with police and get into an ambulance, he says she was covered in blood. 

“I walked back here to tell my wife don't come outside something's going on next door and then I seen one of the girls who was involved in the incident over here came out and she looked like she was bleeding,” said Wiggins. 

Wiggins told the same story as many of the other witnesses. That he believed the injured woman was stabbed and the other woman was shot and killed. 

“I heard that someone could have been stabbed, that girl could have been stabbed I don't know,” said Wiggins.

Police are trying to figure out who shot the woman who was killed, because they say they aren't sure if the injured woman was the shooter or the victim. But they did say however, that they are not looking for any active shooters. 

The incident is still under investigation.