Newport restaurant owner calls out patron on social media for repeatedly being a no-show

NEWPORT, R.I. (WLNE) – A restaurant owner in Newport took to social media to call out a patron that was a no-show on reservations multiple times.

Anna Jenkins, co-owner of Thames Street Kitchen in Newport, was fed up with a man who she said bailed on his reservations not once, not twice, but three times. The latest, on a busy Saturday night on the Fourth of July weekend.

She posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page, calling out the patron, along with screenshots of their conversation where she said he’s no longer allowed to dine there.

“That gentleman was a no-show which, at the end of the night, after a long Saturday night, it just triggered a lot of frustration and I guess I’m known for being a little outspoken… but I just felt like I needed to sort of put out a little PSA to speak for a lot of business owners out there who are dealing with these issues daily,” said Jenkins.

hey Joe, you SUCK. Forgot to tell you that last night. I’m throwing this on the feed as a PSA for others. What Joe…

Posted by Tsk Thames Street Kitchen on Saturday, July 4, 2020

Jenkins said with COVID-19 restrictions in place, restaurants rely on people showing up for their reservations now more than ever.

“On a typical summer evening you’re most likely able to fill that but given the restrictions now that’s become a little bit more challenging.”

She said TSK, while following the 66% capacity rule, can only fit 20 people inside to dine. On Saturday, the weather was rainy, and they couldn’t use their outdoor patio, which made the no-show an even bigger blow.

“That was just one bad egg but there’s always a few out there, you know, a handful of them a summer.”

Restaurant owners contacted Jenkins to thank her for speaking out, and she said that’s why she made the post. Not to shame the man, but to shine a light on the issues restaurants and other small businesses are facing right now.

“We’re dealing with challenging times and everybody is and we’re sort of in this together and they need to just be a little bit more aware of the situation when they go to make a reservation.”

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