Newport school district goes back to old start times

By: Rebecca Turco


NEWPORT, R.I. – No more sleeping in for Newport students.

The school district is going back to its earlier start times next school year, after the school committee unanimously approved the measure Tuesday night.

The change comes two years after committee members had pushed Rogers High School’s start time forward 45 minutes. The bus schedules caused the elementary and middle schools to have later start times, as a result.

In making that initial decision, the school committee cited studies showing older students who got more sleep performed better academically, but then found the later start times did not make an overwhelming impact.

"We did a few things without soliciting the opinions from the families and we took a few hits for it," said School Committee Chairman David Hanos. "We learned that we definitely need to have [the families] more involved."

Before the vote, school officials sent families a survey, asking which start times they would prefer. Hanos said the majority responded they preferred the earlier start times.

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