Newport Woman’s Sherbert Craving Leads To Powerball Win

After three weeks of suspense, an elderly woman from Newport came forward as the Powerball winner, making her Rhode Island's newest multi-millionaire.

Cameras flashed as the world caught it's first glimpse of the lucky lady who took home the winning ticket. Sporting a cheetah print scarf, Louise White, 81, of Newport is now $210 million richer.

“She is as vibrant, as sharp, as vivacious as any octogenarian you're ever gonna meet,” Jason Kurland, one White's lawyers said.

The vivacious winner, who chose to take the lump sum of cash, had few words for the crowd.

“I am very happy and I am very proud,” White said. “And this will make my family very happy. We are truly blessed. Thank you.”

She was presented with the check made out to the “Rainbow Sherbert Trust.” She says her family had a hankering for sherbert the night of the drawing, so she went to the store and bought the ticket on a whim. That night, with a spoon full of sherbert in one hand and her ticket in the other, she heard her numbers called out live on television.

White's lawyers detailed the events from there. They say she kept the ticket in her bible the first night and slept with it. People who live on her street in Newport say that is just the kind of person Louise White is.

“I've seen them daily since then and you would never know that they were big winners like that,” William Barber said.

“I wish her all the best and I hope she lives until she's 115 years old so she can spend all of her money,” Debbie Mactal added.

Louise is not the only famous one in the White family. Her son is Leroy is a well known jazz musician in Newport.

Rhode Island will get roughly $14 million in taxes from her winnings.