NFL Commissioner Wants HGH Testing

Goodell wants HGH tests in next NFL labor deal

      WOODLAWN, Md. (AP) – Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL
will insist that its next labor deal with players includes testing
for human growth hormone.
      After appearing Monday with U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings at a high
school to speak about the dangers of steroid use, Goodell said the
NFL needs to do more to keep banned substances out of the sport.
      HGH use is prohibited by the NFL, but the league currently does
not test for it. Goodell said he thinks players “recognize the
importance of” adding HGH tests.
      When one student asked why there is more substance abuse in
baseball than in football, Goodell replied: “I'm not sure that's
      Cummings said he talked briefly to Goodell about the NFL
lockout. Cummings hopes Congress won't need to get involved.
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