NFL Players Defend Decision To Disband Union

NFL players: Lockout causing 'irreparable harm'

      MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – NFL players are defending their decision to
disband the union, saying employers cannot force workers to form a
      The players made the statements Monday in a court document filed
in response to the NFL's assertion decertification was “a sham.”
      The players are asking a federal judge to halt a lockout imposed
by owners, saying an injunction is needed to “stop the irreparable
harm being inflicted today.” A hearing on the issue is scheduled
for April 6 in St. Paul, Minn.
      Owners locked out the players on March 11 shortly after lawyers
for Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and seven other NFL players filed an
antitrust suit and injunction request.
      The owners argued last week that the court has no legal grounds
to prevent a lockout.
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