NFL Resumes Mediation With Players

Let's talk about it: NFL, players resume mediation

      MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – For NFL owners and players, it's time to talk
      Key leaders on each side along with their legal teams were
scheduled to reconvene court-ordered mediation on Monday morning
before U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan in Minneapolis.
      Boylan presided over four full days of intense closed-door
sessions last month.
      Since then, another judge ordered the lockout lifted because
it's damaging the players and their careers. Days later, an appeals
court put a temporary stay on that ruling to keep the work stoppage
in place for now.
      NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has continually spread the
league's message of desiring these face-to-face discussions to
reach a deal. The players filed an antitrust lawsuit in federal
court and have historically fared better there.
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