Nightclub owner stepping up to help other clubs get safer

Anthony Santurri owns the Colosseum nightclub in Providence and he's now working with several owners of some of Providence's troubled nightclubs, including club Monet, to help get them on track.

“We are taking positive steps with that, there are meetings going on.” said Santurri.
Santurri is even hosting a training session Saturday for other clubs to come to, so that they can be better prepared, and so that they know what it takes to get safer.

“We've invested in tools that help us and our staff do their jobs.” said Santurri.

Tools like dozens of security cameras, state of the art I. D. scanners, high quality bracelets, and a trained security staff of more than 20-people.

They're tools that club-goers say set's the Colosseum apart from the clubs, that have been marred by violence.

“All I heard is about the violence and so I steer away from that and I don't want to get in trouble, so I just stick to the Colosseum.” said club-goer Brady Nicholson.

And now that clubs across the city are in danger of getting a bad rap, from just a few bad spots, Santurri says that all clubs and owners need to stand together, to repair the shattered image of nightclubs here in the capital city.

“You better get on board or get out you know? that's all there is to it. No one is going to stand for this anymore.” said Santurri.