No AC makes sweltering temps unbearable

By: Alexandra Cowley

The scorching temperatures are especially hard on those who don't have air conditioning. As soon as the sun goes down, Providence resident Patrick Brooks is outside. That's because it's cooler outside than it is on the inside of his triple decker home.

The only AC unit they have is in a room with a 90-gallon fish tank. It's only purpose is to keep the fish alive and cool, leaving Brooks and his roommates melting in the heat.

“It helps to keep the heat down in that room because it's a built in fish closet and without the whole tank would just be as hot as it is out here and everything in it would die,” said Brooks.

We're only half way through July, and we've already melted through eleven 90 degree days. Last Summer, we only had 6 total. The sweltering temps have Brooks and his roommates doing whatever they can to stay cool.

“There's a small pool in the backyard that's about knee high you can just go in there and splash around for some moments satisfaction,” laughed Brooks.

The heat is expected to continue through the week, bringing the region its 2nd heat wave of the Summer.

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