No bail for child predator mistakenly released from prison

By: Rebecca Turco

The man who was mistakenly released from a 200 year prison sentence in Massachusetts appeared in Court on Wednesday.

Richard Gardner was ordered no contact with children out of his Rhode Island child predator charges. The state argues he violated that two-fold.

Gardner went to a library in Quincy earlier in October and the state of Rhode Island is arguing he violated his no-contact order with children by doing that.

By going to a place where children frequent.

Plus, Quincy has an ordinance which prohibits his level of sex offender from entering buildings like libraries without prior notification.

In addition, the state alleges he was looking at a picture of a shirtless boy on the computer there.

That happened five days after the 50 year-old was mistakenly released from a 200-year prison sentence for kidnapping and raping Massachusetts and Rhode Island boys in the 1980s.

The judge ordered Gardner held without bail at the ACI.

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